Hannah Mossman and Chris Panter, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. Photocredits: David White, Helen Mossman, Chris Panter

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J. Appl. Ecol. Oct 2012

Evidence-base for conservation

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our approach and apply it to further regions. For each new audit we will collate ecological information for additional species, allowing us to increase and refine our management guilds - cross-taxa groups of species defined by their shared requirements for ecological structures, processes and therefore the management actions they require.


Further audits will build up a more and more comprehensive database of management guilds, which we want to make publicly available as a tool for planners and managers to see what the requirements are of the biodiversity in their region.


We believe this approach can radically improve the effectiveness of conservation efforts both in the UK and other countries. The approach has great potential and the results of audits can be used in a number ways. We are currently working on some of these including, providing evidence to support or challenge the use of flagship species and in ecological network planning.


We are currently seeking further regions in which to apply our approach. We would are keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in collaborating.



British Ornithologists' Union: Do birds provide proxies for biodiversity in the assessment of ecosystem value?  

BBA_Broads Forum 02022012.pdf

Broads Biodiversity Forum:

The Broads Biodiversity Audit Launch

2nd February 2012

The Biodiversity Audit Approach: Priorities and evidence base for conservation

Biodiversity Approach.pdf

Fends for the Future Partnership:

The Fens Biodiversity Audit Launch

7th November 2012


Fens For Future Launch_Nov2012.pdf