Hannah Mossman and Chris Panter, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. Photocredits: David White, Helen Mossman, Chris Panter

Our audits and reports are available for download below:











First BBA Report 1 021210.pdf









The Broads


Biodiversity audit report.pdf









The Fens




















Fens Network


Fens mapping report.pdf Fens Biodiversity Audit report.pdf









J. Appl. Ecol. Oct 2012

Evidence-base for conservation

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We welcome feedback on our approach and on our classification of species. Please get in contact if you have comments or any information on species ecologies.


We are very interested in applying our approach to further areas. If you are interested in collaboration, we would be keen to hear from you.

Our team

Dr Paul Dolman

Paul is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology at the University of East Anglia (UEA) with a long standing interest in Breckland. His research focuses on understanding spatial population and community processes in dynamic landscapes, to benefit biodiversity conservation.

p.dolman@uea.ac.uk    Paul’s home page


Dr Hannah Mossman

Hannah was a Researcher at UEA but is now a Lecturer in Ecology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests include the effectiveness of habitat restration, particularly habitats established through coastal managed realignment. With Paul and Chris, she has developed the Biodiversity Audit approach.

h.mossman@mmu.ac.uk    Hannah’s home page


Mr Chris Panter

Chris was previously a Researcher at UEA, but now works for a consultancy, Footprint Ecology, where current work areas include the impacts of recreation on conservation sites. His work in the audit process focuses on managing the species records and databases, and classifying species ecologies.

chris@footprint-ecology.co.uk     Footprint Ecology home page

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